May 12, 2012


seaweed stem; 238g
green onion; 4
onion; 1/2
choped garlic; 2tbls
sesame oil; 4tbls
salt; 1ts

This is really easy to cook and also good for your health.

Let's start.
I use spacial seaweed's part - STEM
You can buy that in asian market specially Korean market.

You can find varied brands. At this time I used 'WANG'
This seaweed stem is salted, so you must put these in water for 1 hour after cleaning.
If you pass this process you can not eat~!!!! too salty~!!!!!!
Cut green onion with finger size and clean with hot water.

Stir fry garlic, onion, greenonion until they are wilted.

Finally, put seweed stem there~!!!!!!! 
Just stir fry for 5min with salt.

Yeah~~~~ It is time to eat.

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